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If anyone is going to be leaving Disqus comments all over the web as daiyami, it’s going to be me. Even though I currently just refuse to comment when Disqus is the option.

(Wow, just had to search in Help to find out how to add a link in MacJournal. It’s cmd-K, same as MS Word—unfortunately Ecto has me accustomed to cmd-U. The difference between a journaling app and a blogging app.)


Well, if I want to actually blog, I need an offline editor. Trying out ScribeFire. I am not really a Firefox extensions person, have a feeling I’d rather use a separate program than a window in my browser. But this is easy to install, so I will give it a chance.

ETA: ScribeFire has a very nice interface for publishing entries—linking especially is nice. But it seems to suffer from the same time zone disjunction as Ecto—I suspect the edited draft I just published will probably show up in a few hours? What will happen with this one? (I was wrong about that.)

And I’d prefer a side column setup, for my widescreen but not very big laptop.

that I am ever going to use the YouTube channel, but you know, if you are going to do a thing, do it right.

And a

Posted on: 1 February 2009

Flickr account.

twitter account, too.

I guess when/if I start actually using social networks, I’ll change the title of this blog. But right now, as the title says, I’m just cybersquatting my alternate identity.


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