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First-run experience very nice, easily set up my blog.

Lack of RTF less annoying than I expected—as long as I can use cmd-B for bold, etc, reading the html doesn’t really bother me (once I changed the font from Monaco 10, ugh). Though I didn’t type much in MarsEdit, because:

Deal-breaker: MarsEdit uploads original file to the blog. Actually, it failed with an error, but I’m assuming the file was too big.

MacJournal, which I’m typing this in, doesn’t seem to upload photos at all, but requires you to host them elsewhere. If would be nice if their knowledge base didn’t pretend this limitation was due to the blogging service instead of their failure to support uploading images.

Ecto really handles this nicely—resizes the photo, creates a thumbnail, etc.

Another lovely little touch from ecto—when you hit cmd-U to add a link, it automatically puts the clipboard contents in the URL field. Wish MacJournal did that.

Ecto says they’re still alive….



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